How to use bespoke carpentry to maximise your ‘dead’ space within the home!

I’m sure at some point you have said “wish I had more storage space” or ” what a waste of space, nothing can go there”, I know I have! This is where bespoke carpentry comes into play.

The whole point of bespoke carpentry is to maximise any amount of space that you have got, make it useful and make life easier. This can sometimes involve a little bit of imagination… have you ever thought about turning steps into useful drawers??!!

maximising 'dead' space

These cleverly designed steps give extra storage options as well as looking amazing. They also make a great conversational piece!!

This same way of thinking can be applied to most small spaces.. for example the space under the stairs.

Have a look around your home and see if you feel inspired to maximise your ‘dead’ spaces!