Do you have the vision to see beyond the wall?? … WE DO!

It’s becoming increasingly popular to remodel your house rather than selling it. Re-modelling is a great way to not only just change a house’s appearance but it also means you can maximize space and in turn can create a new way of living.

It is hard to create something new within the confines of the original design of the property. Most people feel or see the only solution for change is to have an extension. But the reality is all it could take is the removal of one wall to open up huge potential.

The images show how kitchens have been changed by this process, making cooking and general living so different. In one case, taking a small compact kitchen and making it more open allowing whoever is in the kitchen still still feel part of what maybe happening all around. Especially at Christmas time!

Projects such as this can mean having to deal with multiple trades and organising start dates for each tradesman. This is where All In One Home Services Ltd comes in….. from the planning and design stages to the finished result, everything is covered within the one company.

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