New Year – New Project?

Hello 2017! Still got time off with your loved ones and talking about plans for this year? Is a new house project one of those plans? Heres a few pointers to help you with those decisions…..



Advanced Planning:

Advanced planning sounds like the most logical thing to do, however, it is extremely common for immediate or last minute works to be requested. Advanced planning allows you to find a time slot with good (if not the best) reputable company, discuss with them in depth of your ideas, plans and expectations for the work you would like to be carried out. This can also allow you the chance to build up a good working relationship with the company, which can lead to first point of call for future home projects.

Time of Year:

The time of year is a huge factor for any external works you might be thinking of having done. Good old Blighty likes to have unpredictable weather and delayed seasons, to which can cause massive issues. Generally the best time of year for external works is April – September / October. Advanced planning/booking ensures that works can be done during good weather periods.

Realistic Time Frames:

It is always beneficial to have realistic time frames in mind. This is not only for the time to take to do the works you have in mind, but for when the company can actually fit you in. Good reputable companies will be booked up well in advance, so its best to join in.

Know your Budget:

Always remember to carefully consider your budget for the projects you are wanting to have done, and be realistic. Being honest with the company you chose to do your work with, about your budget helps with project planning. The company can help advise and give advice to help you remain with budget. Always make sure that with the company you choose there are no ‘hidden’ charges that will appear once work is completed. This is where comprehensive quotations come into play. Comprehensive quotations also allow you to see what exactly will happen. Comparing different company quotes can prove difficult as some are more comprehensive than others…. always ask questions to those that are short and to the point.